At RMG we know about teamwork. We value the efforts of our partners and we offer the best incentives to stay with us.

Managing a winning campaign is a tough task that needs time and constant attention. To work with the media, organize events, offer our services to candidates, and draw up consulting agreements, takes long hours of local work.

RMG knows that success is all about good people.

To manage multiple campaigns takes the best people; people who have the training and experience, the professional recognition, direct and personal links with their local political activists and who are dynamic, efficient and not willing compromise on principle.

RMG is always seeking talented individuals who share our passion for restoring an America that reveres God, respects life and enjoys liberty, by working to elect men and women of integrity to public office.

Whether your goal is to sell our solutions, support our clients, or design and develop our proprietary solutions, your presence will benefit the important goals we seek.

If you are interested in a rewarding political career, where you are able to work with a diverse group of people, become a member of a winning team, and play an instrumental role in expanding our growing company, then please contact us for a listing of existing employment and internship opportunities.