The Robert Morris Group is named after Robert Morris, Jr., one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We take inspiration from him, and his legend and legacy are significant to our organization, because RMG’s founder and president, is a decedent of this American Revolutionary.
Robert Morris, almost single handedly, saw to the financing of the Revolutionary War. In late 1776, with the Continental Army in a state of severe deprivation and certain desertion, because of a shortage of capital and the failure of several of the colonies in paying for the war, Morris personally underwrote the operations of the army and loaned his own money to the government.
This money provisioned those cold and desperate troops at a place called Valley Forge, and turned the tide of the war.
RMG continues this tradition by making campaigns affordable and by bringing sound commercial business practices into the realm of consulting. 
RMG is a ‘full-service’ political consulting company that is different from typical consulting firms in many ways. 
Most consultants bring only their campaign experience to the table. While RMG team members have a wealth of political experience at all levels of American electoral politics and in every part of the country, we also produce a full range of products in-house, controlling for cost and ensuring quality.
We bring our vast experience and our production capability;  integrating these into one complete campaign solution.
RMG is able to offer candidates for local offices the same tools and techniques used by statewide and federal campaigns, and we offer statewide and federal candidates the same personal services and prices that are usually only available to local candidates.