RMG is a full service provider, offering a wide-range of consulting and services for campaigns and organizations, including: Fundraising, Grassroots Activities, Media Relations, Telecommunication Services (Text/SMS Messaging, Robo-calls and Polling), TV & Radio Advertising (Producing and Ad Buying) and Website Technology Solutions.
We work on a large number of campaigns throughout the United States and service many clients each year.
Knowing that every campaign is unique, the strategy we develop is tailor-made to conform to each client’s particular campaign needs and characteristics.  At the same time, while we acknowledge that each race is different, RMG has the experience in proven models and methodologies.
Most campaign services are available for a negotiated monthly retainer. Fundraising is determined by commission percentage and/or a flat fee. Hourly and special project rates are also available. And our other services all have flat fee based costs which are highly competitive.
RMG will offer any or all services as part of an on-going consulting relationship, in which our staff are an integral part of the campaign management team throughout the campaign; or, as a project consultant, in which we perform a specific task or series of tasks for the client; or, in an hourly consulting role, in which we provide services on an on-call basis as the client requests.
All rates and contracts are individually negotiable.