Campaign Management

Full Time, On-Site Traditional Services or Remote, Shared and Distributed Management Plans are available for our clients. RMG can manage your entire campaign or fulfill any role within an established campaign. Our extensive list of clients includes five (5) U.S. Presidential campaigns with direct in person experience on the ground in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Michigan and other key caucus and primary states.

RMG has the expertise and experience with getting candidates qualified for ballot access in all fifty (50) states and with ballot initiatives in those states which allow the process.

Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

Using both telecommunication techniques and door to door micro targeting, RMG can manage all aspects of your GOTV effort. From Voter Database Management and Development to Voter Micro Targeting, Research and Analysis. We have proprietary systems to study and predict voter turnout and have a very strong tract record of wins and predictions.


With detailed personal effort, RMG can handle all you Organization and Event Management needs, including standard and nominating conventions. We are intimately familiar with most every grassroots organization in America, from the Tea Party and Religious Activist groups to Special Interest Groups like: Guns, Farmers, and Veterans.