Using state of the art technology and direct sms gateways, RMG is able to deliver all your telecommunication needs to any sized campaign. Beware of ‘resellers’ who offer text services and claim Email to Text (ETT) technologies, as these are legacy systems not designed for multiple data connections and will usually trigger spam filters resulting in the bulk of your data not being delivered. Only using white-listed servers and direct sms gateways can you avoid the spam filters and assure your message was delivered directly to the end user.

A smaller campaign may be tempted to believe that robo-calls, text massaging or polling is beyond their budget means, but we are able to handle even very small orders for pennies. Your campaign can compete with the big boys and no order is too small.

We also specialize in statewide packages and nationwide calling. Our service center can push out millions of voter contacts in just a few hours, at prices to low to publish. If you are a statewide candidate who would like to affordably contact every voter in your state with a personal message at home or on their cell phones, we can do that.

RMG is not a data acquisition company or a list reseller, our relationships are strictly confidential and we value the privacy of our clients. Some agencies claim to offer both services as if this is a selling point clients should value. It is not. The Market Research Association refers to as “Selling Under the Guise of Research” (or SUGGing): “a misuse of the survey process compromises legitimate marketing and opinion research surveys conducted by professionals”.

Professionally trained pollsters rely on multi-variable testing to ensure data accuracy, asking different questions with more responses available than just yes or no, especially vote preference polling. RMG has a proven record of accuracy. Our rates are low and our results are spectacular. When you need to know, we provide.