RMG offers five different options for website design. Pricing is based on domain registration fees, hosting, graphic design, site features, maintenance requirements and payment structure.

Websites pricing includes, logo, banner, theme, design, layout, and additional pages. Blogs, portals, donation pages, discussion forums and social networking tools are also available. All websites adhere to strict design standards and are guaranteed to work identically on all browsers.

A simple website that is intended for one way periodic communication can be set up in a day. Sophisticated websites that solicit donations, track grassroots activities and that are interactive or offer streaming audio and video, require longer depending on the advantages needed by the campaign. Rush jobs are available, as well.

First Tier: Custom Design – designed for statewide or federal candidates running multimillion dollar campaigns who need an interactive website that can handle high traffic demands, and requires daily maintenance with a one year contract.

Second Tier: Custom Design – designed for candidates that need a partially interactive website, with a lower level of traffic, and require daily updates provided by the campaign staff with a one year contract.

Third Tier: Template Design – designed for candidates in local or county wide races, with a medium to small electoral base, or races with historically low voter turnout. Requires minimal interactive services with a one year contract.

Fourth Tier: Template Design – designed for campaigns with a small budget, or candidates seeking purely informative websites over interactive sites, with few graphics and no contracts.

Fifth Tier: Stock Design – designed for extremely low cost campaigns who would otherwise forgo a web presence.